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go back to bed


9 November
global citizen
I am happily anonymous in a new city and wanted to start being honest online again. I am letting people find me and allowing my newer sense of self come forward here. If every sentence is unmasked with unknown readers, will we find more of ourselves in the long run? Who is to care what I find in myself, in my experiences, in my days, but me? So, I am to begin again in this way as well. This bio will change soon, but I will let it stand as a temporary motto.

abandoned umbrellas, activists with intent, airplane rides, alternative energy, amsterdam, anti-racist folk, aquariums, asking hard questions, baldies, bikes, birds, bones, chewing ice, chuburna mexico, cooking with confidance, crushing oppressive forces barefoot, dancing with closed eyes, deconstructing, dogs without leashes, doing it, eating eyebrows, elephant naps, endless travel, eskimo kisses, experiencing multiple religions, feeling small, finding my people, freeing minds, fruit in white wine, fucking with your head, gardening, genderfucking, getting it down, getting lost in amsterdam, getting to animal instinct, giving away art, herbs, historical politics, history, holistic living, hot showers, hugs with both arms, jellyfish, liberation, living alone, loving you fully, making sex into science, making you dinner, map skills, mermaids on land, mint tea, missing you, museums, my family, northern california, not microwaving it, not white walls, nyc, painting with small brushes, political histories, portland, postcards, progressive fucks, radical agents of change, reading all night, rosemary and basil, san pedro ca, sea birds, seaglass, seahorses, searching for answers, seeing the big picture, self-medication, setting you on fire, sex with yourself, shaking hands, social movements, star gazing, swallowing whole, swimming in it, tattoos, the color wheel, the deep end, the international mail system, the shore, time theory, tugging on elbows, unbriddled passion, vancouver wa, wanderlust, whistling in public, women's historical heroines, writing it down